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Currently, Vigor Router supports RIPv2, some high-end models support BGP, and Linux-based models also supports OSPF.To allow Vigor Router to share its routing information and receive from other routers, we need to enable “RIP Protocol Control” at LAN Details Page.In the profile, enter the destination IP Address and Subnet Mask of the network, and enter gateway IP address as the IP of the router which connects directly to the destination network.

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This article introduces the basic concept of routing and the types of routing supported by Vigor Router.

By the end of this article, we hope the readers will be able to read the routing table and get useful information from it, as well as understand how to add routing information and policies on Vigor Router.

For example, we can make the time-sensitive applications (e.g., Vo IP) traffic always to take the more reliable internet line; or restrict the higher-cost internet line to critical services only.

To add a policy-based routing on Vigor Router, go to Load-Balance/ Route Policy Note that the routing policies are independent to the routing table.

Network Administrator can add more routing information by static or dynamic routing.

Static routing is the routing information manually added by the network administrator.After you click “OK” and save the profile, the route will be added to the Routing Table, and there will be an “S” mark in front of the entry.Dynamic Routing allows the router to learn the routing information from other routers automatically.Contents: Before a packet reaches its destination on the Internet, it usually needs to traverse across various networks, and routers are the devices which will forward the packet from one network to another so that they can continue on its journey.Before redirecting a packet to its next hop, the router needs to decide which is the best path for the packets, in other words, which interface of the router is more likely to be linked to the destination network.When a packet is received, a network device examines the packet and matches it to the routing table entry providing the best match for its destination.

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