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Newer Wii consoles have also removed the functionality to load certain kinds of DVD media and will not be able to be modified in any way to read them. The process is usually designed to create artificial save game data or specialized bootable software on the card to be loaded.

Using Wii Brew (Wii Homebrew) to Unlock DVD Function The Wii does not require a pre-modded chip to be able to access DVD functionality on most compatible Wii models. Depending on the type of exploit being used, additional steps are required to actually run the exploit.

Wii Brew Software – Wii Brew comes in a wide variety of options and no one option is perfect.

The best option is to install Wii Brew with the Hack Mii Installer available at

Essentially, using a pre-modded chip will turn the Wii into an expensive DVD player compared to the variety of DVD players that are available at a reasonably cheaper price.

Risking damage to the Wii console for DVD playback is not recommended if the console is intended for use often, especially with the newer games on the market. Troubleshooting Skills and Common Sense Wii Firmware – The Wii has many different firmware versions available that may be installed into the Wii Console.

Other advanced options have more wires that need to work correctly and may even require additional switches for proper updating and various other functions.

Pre-modded chips make it possible for DVD playback by inserting the necessary code into the Wii DVD drive’s firmware that forces it to read discs other than the Wii game discs and Game Cube format discs.Homebrew software is constantly being updated and available through a wide variety of sources.Drawbacks to Pre-Modded Chips The Wii occasionally has official updates to the firmware.The onboard Wii Hardware reads DVDs, DVD-R, DVD-RW discs, Wii game discs, and Nintendo Game Cube formatted mini-DVDs.Unlocking the Wii’s DVD functionality is possible through various methods.Using Wii Brew is possible and less intrusive than a pre-modded chip. Some exploits require users to have a copy of certain games on hand that will load the exploitable code through the modified save game data placed on the SD card.

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