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It is not physically possible to upgrade your device to WP7.

It doesnt have enough RAM (128MB), Screen resolution (240 x 320), or processor speed(400 MHz) to run the OS.

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t=534205 All phones are different in how they do this.

For the HTC it was a matter of holding the camera button while i turned it on This is exactly the same as how we updated the Hard SPL.

The development kit comes in two versions, namely Professional and Standard, which can be used with Visual Studio 2008 Professional or 2005 Standard edition respectively, on early operating systems, up to Windows Vista.

The Standard edition includes components for smartphone apps only, whereas the Professional version can be downloaded in case you want to build apps for Pocket PCs or Pocket PC phones.

Although the Windows Mobile platform is part of the past, the Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Standard Software Development Kits Refresh can be of use to those who don't want to give up their old handset yet, providing Visual Studio components designed to allow the easy development of programs and games for Windows Mobile powered devices.

As per Windows Phone forum article, over the next few months, the partners may release updates to some of their Windows Mobile 6.1 phones.

The boot loader should say USB after you’ve done it. p=2786065&postcount=439, download hardspl-1.22On your computer run ROMUpdate

It should step you through updating your bootloader.

The way to do this is to run a “Soft SPL”, which will temporarily allow you to flash a new bootloader onto your phone (called a Hard SPL). Make sure you have removed your SIM card, SD cards, etc.

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