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I thought it might be useful to post about general troubleshooting on the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive.For issues with specific movies, see my other post, this one covers the more general case.In truth, I've never got around to moving my content over from the launch era hard disk to the 120GB drive that came with the Elite.

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The Xbox player is pretty good at recovering from read errors once the movie starts, but read errors in critical areas of the disc used to start it up will cause this error.

If the movie starts up then dies with an error blade, note the error code (which is an 8-digit hex number). Error codes are caused by either bugs in the content on the disc, or by bugs in the player software itself.

Literally a whole new layout of the Xbox 360 dashboard and the inclusion of Avatars and the ability to add games to your hard drive. Also added was the marketplace to your dashboard and The Xbox Guide, allowing for a lot more advertising.

In addition, a newer improved party system enables up to 8 players of different games or similar, if you so choose, to chat and interact.

That said, we've always been fan of the optional installs found in PS3 games like Ridge Racer 7, Virtua Fighter 5, and more recently, Disney's excellent Pure.

You've still got that instant accessibility that is a fundamental part of console gaming, but if you want your games to load faster, and you're willing to deal with the hassles of deleting content to let your new games run, the option is there.It also forces you to manage hard disk space efficiently, especially if you have a lower-capacity drive in your PS3.There's also the fact that once you've deleted your game install, as you inevitably will in order to get more mandatory installs onto your hard disk, you'll need to wait 25 minutes if, for example, you fancy a one-off late-night blast on Devil May Cry 4 sometime in the future.Gears 2 is therefore multiplexing video and audio data with the maps in one file streamed off the hard disk.That being the case, the tangible benefits of installing the game to HDD effectively amount to loading the game, restoring your save position or accessing multiplayer options, all of which are covered in our measurements.With so many games streaming data from the DVD on the fly, do we actually see any improvements to gameplay as well as loading times? Video captures of both gameplay run-throughs allowed us to get frame-accurate loading times (rounded up to the nearest half-second) and the comparison of the selected footage could also be used to judge any differences in game performance.

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