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Data is passed in the background, and can be automatically loaded into the page without requiring a page refresh.The IDE provides comprehensive support for server-side web programming.

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You first create the client-side files for the presentation and functionality needed to generate the When Java-based web projects are created, an Ant build script is automatically generated which enables you to compile the project so that it can be immediately deployed and run on a server that has been registered in the IDE.

One of the advantages of using an IDE is that the editor you work in often provides you with code completion which, if you learn to apply it when you code, can rapidly increase your productivity.

The changes are made immediately without requiring a page refresh.

Ajax interactions can be used to do things such as validate form entries (while the user is entering them) using server-side logic, retrieve detailed data from the server, dynamically update data on a page, and submit partial forms from the page.

Here is an example of an XML document that is returned to the You must now define the callback function to handle the server’s response, and add any functionality necessary to reflect changes in the page that is viewed by the user. You need to create JSP pages to display the results of a successful request or the error messages of a failed request.

You can then create a simple stylesheet for the presentation.

Ajax interactions are handled asynchronously in the background.

As this happens, a user can continue working with the page.

Imagine a web page in which a user can search for information about musical composers.

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