Updating your house colors

Once you are sure the entire area has been sanded you will again clean the area to paint using the appropriate cleaner again.Let it evaporate or dry completely before moving forward. Make certain your paint is mixed well and thinned if needed so you get a good coat, but not too runny.

updating your house colors-27

After you have a section taped off, sanding can begin.

If your existing paint is in decent shape you actually can simply scuff it off using a scuff sponge similar to a pot scrubber.

Once the decision has been made as to the new colors, work can begin.

The first task is to clean the area to be repainted in sections with the appropriate solvent cleaner.

I don't recommend using rollers they tend to leave stubble.

Next Now after cleaning the area you can tape off the area that will be painted.Uncle Ricky "Ask Uncle Ricky" was a recurring column in Houseboat magazine.For other houseboat maintenance tips please visit Ato In this column I want to share what's possible with a little thought and elbow grease.As you can see in the pictures, these are from our last boat-before and after painting. The Fourth of July week brought record temps in excess of 110 degrees.

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