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In all other cases, the error propagation uses a first order Taylor approximation: ].

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Section 3 presents three fundamental types of input format that are used by currently implements three different types of error weighted linear regression algorithms that account for error correlations between variables and between aliquots in two or three dimensions.

Section 5 explains how these three methods represent different approaches of dealing with overdispersion.

The offline version of the GUI works by emulating a web server within the default browser on the user’s system.

Installation instructions are provided on the are free and open software.

For synchronously acquired isotopic data, such as Ar-data measured by noble gas mass spectrometry or U-Pb data measured by laser ablation inductively coupled mass spectrometry (LAICPMS), this is achieved using redundant ratios.

For example, in the case of ]) are based on the same number of data points.

It introduces a profile log-likelihood method for the calculation of asymmetric confidence intervals.

Section 8 discusses three further methods to visualise multi-aliquot collections of ages.

Section 16 introduces a selection of statistical methods to help interpret collections of multiple geochronological datasets that are useful in detrital geochronology.

Finally, Section 17 sets out a roadmap for future developments to improve the accuracy and precision of geochronological data, and to provide closer integration of website is perfectly platform-independent.

Technological advances in mass spectrometry, such as the widespread availability of multi-collector instruments, are ever increasing the precision of the isotopic data that form the basis of the chronostratigraphic timescale.

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