Validating a volunteer organization

Despite tech companies contributing to San Francisco’s strong economic growth over the past 20 years, the combination of rising housing costs and home availability shortages has led to a continuous increase in poverty and homelessness.

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Allowing you to specify a date range and organization of preference.

If you simply select get certificate, an all encompassing certificate of your volunteering will be generated on a separate page.

You may print, download, or send link to those governing the validation of your volunteer hours.

We believe individuals are transformed through service to others.

To date, over 200 volunteers have helped support this effort.

Recently, Shelter Tech had the opportunity to host a “datathon” with 16 Salesforce employees held at our San Francisco headquarters.

Shelter Tech and our Ohana understand and value the transformative power and responsibility of using technology for good, and some of us also regularly volunteer at Shelter Tech and have worked on Shelter Tech’s programs such as Shelter Connect (a free wifi service installed at shelters and transitional housing centers) and Casey (a case management self-service solution that guides at-risk individuals through common problems associated with homelessness).

Our Salesforce Ohana also actively participates in other initiatives as well.

To make sure that the data is maintained and up to date, Shelter Tech hosts periodic public workshop events called “datathons” that bring together volunteers from organizations and the community at large to help update the information for these resources on the website.

These volunteers work alongside community representatives (CRs) who are either currently homeless, or have previously been homeless to research and make improvements such as validating phone numbers, verifying a resource’s website description, correcting a resource’s address and location, and fixing broken links are some of the tasks that take place.

Especially in San Francisco, one significant challenge that volunteers are tackling is leveraging technology solutions to help empower the community around issues of homelessness and poverty.

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