Validating windows xp product key

Thus, note it down somewhere safe so that you have it stored.This whole process may cost you and if you're lucky then it might cost nothing at all. This may be necessary if you have borrowed someone elses copy of Windows or downloaded it through pirated or illegal means.They will ask certain questions related to your private information, so answer them all.

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The main reason you might want to change the Windows XP product key is that your key is pirated or otherwise incorrect but you don't want to reinstall Windows XP to activate your new legal product key.

We created this step-by-step guide in addition to our original How to Change the Windows XP Product Key Code guide.

Well, reinstalling is extremely important if we find ourselves in the midst of a system crash.

Due to this very reason product key is extremely important as well.

Either way it means that you don't have the legal and original version of Windows, hence you can't request Microsoft for a replacement.

The last and easiest way to locating your key is through a key finder tool .

Similar is the case with product keys and its like.

When we purchase Windows or a new PC with pre-installed Windows XP, we get a manual along with some documents and a product key that is used to verify that our purchased Windows version is completely genuine.

There are several solutions to this problem of yours, all of which are simple and easy.

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