Validating xml against dtd

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validating xml against dtd-65

As for HTML/SVG/other common formats; They are usually invalid XML, but if you do choose to make them valid XML, you get the ability to add your own tags which are ignored by the document if you style them to , but still have feedback when you accidentally made a typo in your own model.

This is useful for things like angular templates, custom metadata that gets handled by Java Script when certain events trigger.

Validation is a process by which an XML document is validated.

An XML document is said to be valid if its contents match with the elements, attributes and associated document type declaration(DTD), and if the document complies with the constraints expressed in it.

Without the type, the value is stored as a string so for a query such as "amount5.9," every string amount would have to be converted to a number to do the comparison.

Knowing the type, the database engine can actually store the value as a number internally in the post-schema validation infoset (PSVI), and/or create an additional index of amounts to speed up searching and sorting.

It also depends on the relationship you have with the person sending you the XML : if you're receiving XML from a party you need to be formal with (e.g.

another business) then having XML schemas allows you to establish a contract about what you will accept as input and give as output. Validating XML against a schema (DTD is outdated garbage) is equivalent to using a statically typed language.

I have been testing DTD's and Schema's for the past month and recently tried to find out why I am doing this.

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