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Not all products require product keys to be activated and used.

For products that don't require a key, the Product Keys field reads: "This product does not require a product key." Learn about other types of keys and activation options if you are installing software on many computers on a network in Microsoft's Product Keys FAQ. The downloads from Microsoft's Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) are usually ISO files, not executable (.exe) files, so you need to perform additional steps before you can use one for installation. Most simply put, it's a single file containing all the data from a disc, similar to a compressed ZIP file.

We recommend copying and pasting your key to a safe place for later use.

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We also recommend adding to your inbox’s safe-list.

If your Microsoft donation request has been successfully processed, and you are ready to install your software, please follow the steps outlined below.

We recommend you do this as soon as possible to avoid interruptions when using your software.

While you can always contact Tech Soup Canada with any of your questions, most of your Microsoft/VLSC concerns can be more actively addressed by VLSC support.

Technical questions about these programs should be directed to Microsoft.

Not sure what we mean by organizational email address?

MS Access is an ideal information management tool for a small company or department.

MS Access allows for relatively rapid development and quick implementation with little assistance from IT or other groups.

After you click the link in this welcome email, you should be signed in on the VLSC website. If you are not able to log into the VLSC, you must contact VLSC support directly.

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