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Curry landed the role of Charlotte in an American romantic drama fantasy film, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2 and was also in Blair Witch and American Pastoral.

Charlotte was originally created in the south as part of 's.

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She was small, slender, yet angular, more rounded than the others.

The couple has already been married for about a year now and shares their space with two pets they have.

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They both met on the set of series and soon after the end of the show, started dating and soon these two married.

Continuing the story from part one when Bella becomes a vampire.

Owning the power, speed and control capacities rare, Bella becomes the most powerful of the Cullen family.

When they were living together in North America, Charlotte disliked Jasper's company, because of his surly behavior and Peter's split attention.

The couple begins dating after the end of their term in the series in 2015 and has been together since.

The few begins dating following the end of their term in the series in 2015 and provides been together since.

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