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Objects selected to represent the nation come principally from those regions, including circle pig tusks, palm leaves, and carved slit gongs.The name of the national currency, the vatu ("stone") derives from central northern languages, as does the name "Vanuatu." After independence, holidays were established to celebrate the nation and promote national identity and unity. The New Hebrides was a unique "condominium" colony ruled jointly by Great Britain and France after 1906.

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Alongside Bislama, English and French are recognized as "official languages." These languages overlie one hundred five indigenous Austronesian languages, three of which are Polynesian in origin.

There are strong links between local language, place, and identity, but many people are multilingual.

Women's mobility is more restricted than that of men, and in many churches, men and women sit on opposite sides of a central aisle.

People use "bush" materials in the construction of housing, although they also use cement brick and aluminum sheet roofing.Houses have one or two rooms for sleeping and storage.Cooking is done in fireplaces or lean-to kitchens outdoors.The mostly volcanic archipelago extends 560 miles (900 kilometers) from north to south and has an area of 5,700 square miles (14,760 square kilometers). Port Vila, the capital, which was also the colonial headquarters, is on the south-central island of Efate. The 1997 population of 185,000 is 94 percent Melanesian, 4 percent European (mostly French), and 4 percent other (Vietnamese, Chinese, and other Pacific Islander). Bislama, the nation's pidgin English which emerged in the nineteenth century, is essential for public discourse.Many aspects of the national culture are phrased in Bislama, which has become an important marker of national identity.Vanua means "land" in many of Vanuatu's one hundred five languages, and translations of the new name include "Our Land" and "Abiding Land." Culturally, Vanuatu is complex.

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