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Victorian architectural historian and longtime SF resident Randolph Delehanty and photographer Richard Sexton provide a pictorial and historical overview of this timeless look.The first high-quality reprint of a rare guide, this reproduction of an 1882 publication features fifty-two plates of original interior designs. Tuthill (1855–1929) is best known as the architect of Carnegie Hall; he also lectured at Columbia University, was a founder of the Architectural League of New York, and served on the Art Commission of Chicago's 1893 Columbian Exposition Queen Anne–style houses are arguably the most charming and picturesque of all Victorians.

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Edmund Gillon has photographed and Clay Lancaster commented on 116 remarkable but lesser-known Victorian American homes.

From Nova Scotia to Geneva, New York to Cape May, these rarely appreciated dwellings offer some of the best 19th-century architecture.

During this time, industrialization brought many innovations in architecture.

There is a wide variety of Victorian styles, each with its own distinctive features.

Artists, architects, and historians alike will find it an endless source of inspiration.

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