demitri dancing with the stars dating - Victorious tori and beck dating

" beck "oh nothing" andre "do you know were the others are?

, cat was here at lesson 1" tori "erm i think i saw them walking up" (tori follows beck to his locker) tori "well that was close" beck "yeah it was wasnt it" (jade comes walking through the door followed by cat and robbie) tori "beck you busy saturday?

Also it would had been interesting to see Trina and Beck go out. Finally I wouldn't had minded to see Andre with no one unless he was with another girl besides Cat, Tori, Jade, or Trina Bori I really think Bade is cute but I totally like Bori more.

Jade may soften a little, Cat may get a bit smarter, Tori may mature some, Andre will probably get crazier, Beck (I can only hope) will mellow out a bit and quit being a man slut, Trina will turn into an actual adult and focus on a real career, Robbie will probably loose Rex, and other minor things will change.

The reason I'm fine with the ending is the essence of these characters (if they were real people) that we've gotten to know so well over the past couple of years will never change.

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A., and they sang "Make It Shine" together, and Victorious ends.

Probably like a happy mysterious ending that leaves a opening for a new season for a show but just with a different name..them getting stranded or moving school or something.

If you don't think they're the cutest and most realistic couple on Nick, something's wrong with you.

Thank god I was afraid I would get on here and bori would be number one because people are dumb There is so many things wrong with their relationship but thy make it work and it's so cute I feel like there is a part of jade that only beck sees like a nice sensitive side but only occasionally I think that's really beautiful I love the way Beck always agrees with Jade and it is adorable how he often apologizes for her behavior! I would've liked to see Jade with Tori cause that would have been so hott to watch.

" (jade comes down stairs) jade "oh cat hi" cat "jade what are you doing here?

" jade "i was just leaving" (jade walks of to school) robbie "okay i changed my mind you little red head i will come with you" cat "lets go" (cat and robbie walk of to school together) -at hollywood arts- andre "yo tori, beck your late you missed lesson 1 and 2, what happend?

And the couples I would have would be Tori and Andre, Beck and Jade & Robbie and Kat : D to be honest with you i would make some sort of movie thats about an hour or two long and its about tori having a once in a life time chance to go on a tour around the world but she is going to be gone for a really long time, but you know i havent really thought about what happens in the middle bit but in the end its jade who stops her from going and they decide to all go on a tour for summer vacation It wasn't like an ending with closure, but Victori-YES was a pretty good ending if I think about it.

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