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His singles “Run It,” “Kiss Kiss,” and the techno-sounding “Forever” fueled his self-titled debut to sell over three million copies.

His music keeps him going and his moves makes girls worship the ground he dances on.

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The question many ask is: why is he still popular after he physically abused Rihanna?

Many are scratching their heads over this on social media, but his music still sells.

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Its colorful cities and towns capture our curiosity and spark our inner explorer.

Let’s go back to the beginning: Brown’s career started in a church choir.

He starred in talent shows and was signed to Jive Records in 2004.

There was no official statement from the Brown camp, but Rihanna went on ABC News telling her side of the story.

We never heard a statement from Chris Brown, which incriminated the singer even more in the public eye.

Bottom line: Brown should stick to what he knows best and stay out of trouble.

That is the only way he will continue his rebound and his career will flourish.

They could be great-looking, a dud or somewhere in the middle.

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