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There are some privacy concerns one may raise when looking at their Privacy Policy.

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The interface is very easy to follow - you have three sections.

On the left are the channels for your server, which you can quickly and easily switch between.

https:// Free account have no tangible restrictions.

Premium account is just a way to say "thank you" to developers.

The large section in the middle is the main chat area, where each message has the person's username, avatar (or image), and timestamp.

On the right is a list of all the people in the chat, where it also ways what games each person is playing (if applicable and set up by the user).

You are sharing server bandwidth with every other discord user.

Meaning if you are using discord and need voice coms for say example your guild is raiding something, and every other discord user on the planet decides to log on YOUR guilds raid is going to suffer because you don't have dedicated bandwith discords overall performance will suffer immensely.

It's a shame they can't make it available on a wider variety of browsers and OS's. Discord's privacy policy also states that while they might not sell your data, a company they get sold to will quite possibly attain said data and thus may be in "more" shady hands.

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