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Critics also say Ring, a subsidiary of Amazon, appears to be marketing its cameras by stirring up fear of crime at a time when it's decreasing.

Amazon's promotional videos show people lurking around homes, and the company recently posted a job opening for a managing news editor to "deliver breaking crime news alerts to our neighbors.""Amazon is profiting off of fear," said Chris Gilliard, an English professor at Michigan's Macomb Community College and a prominent critic of Ring and other technology that he says can reinforce race barriers.

If police want a video, they must contact Ring to see if the resident is willing to share, said Jennifer Brutus, senior management analyst for the Arcadia Police Department.

Hammond, Indiana, also put up money to offer Ring cameras at a discount. Steve Kellogg said the partnership was a natural move for a city that already uses cameras to read license plates."You cannot enter or leave our city without ...

being captured on film," he said, adding that doorbell cameras are the next logical step.

If a crime occurs near a camera, police can contact homeowners in the registry to see if they want to share video.

If any partnership required data sharing, "we would never do it," Heitman said.

Critics complain that the systems turn neighborhoods into places of constant surveillance and create suspicion that falls heavier on minorities.

Police say the cameras can serve as a digital neighborhood watch.

Initially, police required recipients of those free cameras to agree to provide any video police requested.

It dropped the requirement after The Associated Press began reporting this story. "If we wouldn't have had the Ring, we would have never been able to recognize the guy," Eklund said.

Ring's basic doorbell sells for , with recurring charges starting at a month for users who want footage stored. Many law enforcement agencies nationwide said the idea to partner with Ring came after the company promoted its product at law enforcement conferences.

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