Vum updating windows computers

X Datacenter Operations (DCO) features over 60 interactive Step-By-Step Labs (SBS LAB ), complete with detailed instructions and full-color screenshots of all steps. That means that our Step-by-Step Labs (SBS LABS) are sure to become lasting reference materials and a clear, real-world roadmap for the design, implementation and management of VMware v Sphere 6.

Xincluding: Custom SBS labs available to supplement and enhance training Use your classroom Iaa S resources for at least one week after class for testing and practice Our instructors are real-world consultants that will personally tell you all of the latest news and trends Objectives Install, Configure, and Manage VMware v Sphere Enable ESXi hypervisor security with Active Directory Create and manage Virtual Machines and Appliances Connect to SAN Storage, manage storage paths, create VMFS Volumes Manage virtual networking including multiple NICs, Load Balancing and Fail-over Configure Jumbo Frames the right way for i SCSI Configure Roles, Privileges and Permissions Monitor Tasks, Events and Alarms Configure Clusters for HA and DRS Use v Motion Implement Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS) Implement High Availability Manage resources with Resource Pools Configure and use the VMware v Center Update Manager (VUM) to Upgrade and Patch ESXi hosts and Virtual Machines Backup VMs using VMware the v Storage API for Data Protection (formerly VCB) Utilize and integrate 3rd Party Tools into the datacenter environment Command line management of v Sphere Monitor performance using advanced tools and commands Each objective will be reinforced with over 80 hands-on Step-by-Step Labs (SBS LABs)! Administrators who are responsible for a VMware v Sphere environment.

Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI / i LO / i DRAC) SBS LAB 1. Initial configuration using the DCUI (Console) SBS LAB 5. Accessing the ESXi Embedded Host Client (Replacement for the Windows Client) SBS LAB 7.

Deploy Scientific Linux Virtual Appliance deployment SBS LAB 15.

Create a Dynamic Baseline to update VMware Tools to latest version Module 17. Apply v Sphere user-defined Role to a v Network (Port Group) SBS LAB 73.

Apply v Sphere user-defined Role to a Resource Pool SBS LAB 72. Backup Techniques for a Virtualized Data Center 19.1.

Set v Switch Load Balancing for compliance with v Sphere Port Binding requirements Module 12.

Create Redundant i SCSI Network Connections SBS LAB 43. HTTPService'] Failed to read request; stream: , error: class Vmacore:: System Exception(An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine)2015-03-27T.414 [05208 warning 'Ufa'] Empty WSDL root, failing2015-03-27T.149 [02136 info 'Vc Integrity'] Connecting to host on port 80 using protocol http-- 2015-03-27T.173 [02136 info 'Vc Integrity'] Authenticating extension by SSL certificate2015-03-27T.184 [02136 info 'Vc Integrity'] Logged in!2015-03-27T.208 [02136 info 'Vc Integrity'] Impersonate User user HOME\Administrator2015-03-27T.436 [05704 warning 'Ufa'] Empty WSDL root, failing2015-03-27T.331 [02136 info 'Vc Integrity'] Impersonated user! v Center Server HTML5 Web Client supported for production use SBS LAB 25. Virtual Appliance Management Interface (VAMI) Web console SBS LAB 24. Prerequisites The VMware v Sphere 6.7 Datacenter Operations (DCO) is intended for IT professionals proficient in Windows and Server administration.

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