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Statistics includes charts, achievements and detailed ships stats with changes over time.

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When you get the single shot homing missiles in an airplane, you should only be able to get a total of three. Jeeps can also be dropped from a very high altitude with little or no damage. Just like the jeep, only your pilot must keep R2 held as soon as it is on.

However if you pause game play, wait about fifteen seconds, then resume the game, you should be able to pick up three more. This trick only works with the Nemesis and is very difficult too execute. Like the troop riders, jeeps will make your plane sink. It is very effective to have two jeeps with people in the turrets. Otherwise the tank will fall off and its massive weight will pull down the plane with it.

Have your pilot hover slightly below the edge of a cliff. Also, a person with a rocket launcher can crouch on top of the jeep. You must constantly press and release R2 to keep a steady altitude.

Like jeeps, tanks can also be dropped from a very high altitude.

Have them hold L2 so that plane gets very low to the ground.

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