White women dating in kenya

But white men see nothing in letting the world know they really love their women.

They like to make their women feel secure because women believe any man who is proud enough to let the world know they are in a happy relationship are indirectly making their love stronger.

It is the desire of every woman to wear expensive dresses, posh hair-do, live in a stylishly elegant house, drive an upper-class car and most importantly, get everything she wants without any limitations.

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Your typical Nairobi girl is sick and tired of the local men.

She doesn’t want to waste another minute of her life with a man who doesn’t care about her feelings and who cheats on her, just because the law allows polygamy.

Only white men deem it fit to take their women out for a date from Sunday to Sunday.

As a matter of fact, some ladies believe marrying a white man is ticket to a fortune.

They wear next to nothing and some of them are willing to drop the little clothes they wear for a random guy. Don’t waste your time with a party girl who only looks good with 5 layers of makeup when you can have a woman like her... They believe that Western men are more romantic, more loyal, and more caring than the local men. The way you look, the way you dress and the way you speak is not comparable. Do this and Nairobi girls will smile at you as if you were the male version of the White Masai.​Dating Nairobi girls is serious business. There are so many traditional girls in this city who are looking for love and who’ve never worked as prostitutes. But you also need to know how to get them and how to keep them.

Oh, and they can’t find a man with the same education because they are far more educated than the Kenyan men. It’s hard to imagine I mean, walking around Nairobi can be fun. I’m sure that you can get more girls when you throw around with money, but I doubt that these are the girls you want.

Such men are proud, not just because they are in a happy relationship but also proud of their partners.

Based on what some women said, white men know just how to take their women down to admirable and fun places like Diani for a sundowner to sip some expensive wine, then later go for a romantic play together.

Some women say they want to have mixed-race kids and that is why they are going crazy about white men.

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