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Within minutes, Casablancas managed to make a yuppie-looking girl leave the bar in a huff. He is the elegantly wasted and dangerously charismatic singer and songwriter with one of the most lionised bands of the day.

All he did was ask her to not take one of our seats. Formed in New York in 1999, the Strokes burst - for once, the verb is not used hyperbolically - on to the music scene in January 2001.

Then the British fashion junta decided that the Strokes were the It band: their music was the soundtrack for countless catwalk shows; their tie-jeans-and-messy-hair look became one of 2001's signature street styles; naturally, Kate Moss showed up at one of their London shows. They were dilettante rich kids playing at being a rock band. The other two days Casablancas wrote songs.'When they were playing clubs, you'd see them everywhere, tirelessly promoting their shows, trying to get anybody to come and see them play.

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But now, to Casablancas's distaste, it is, like much of the booming East Village, packed with 'fuckin' yuppies'.

So after the Strokes frontman had downed two pints of Stella Artois astonishingly quickly, we legged it over the road.

Albert também lançou quatro álbuns e um EP em carreira solo.

A guitarra principal de Albert é uma Fender Stratocaster Arctic White com escala em rosewood de fabricação 1985.

The barman, enforcing the city's recently introduced ban on smoking in public places, tells him to take it outside. But Hammond Jr is by far the snappiest of the five, favouring white suits and loosely knotted ties.

Tonight he cuts a dash in his pinstripe jacket, inside-out T-shirt, mop of curls and jivey gait.

Esta guitarra é uma reedição de um modelo de 1972 e Albert usa encordoamento de calibre .012, bastante pesado.

Seu amplificador é um Fender Hot Rod De Ville 2x12.

It's 2am in an East Village bar, and the Strokes are at play in the bit of New York they call their own.

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