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"I don't think there is anyone in the world that has a heart like my mother, God took extra time when creating her, she's special and her love inspires me" says Lo La.Creator of the momentous Bosset movement Lo La instills empowerment and inspiration into her rapidly growing fan base through her movement. Its about standing for something as a women, being in control of you and everything you allow to come into your life.Her consistent and rapid growth opened doors to new fans turning critics to believers.

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In April 2007, she appeared on the cover of Black Men magazine and was named, the new “It girl” for 2007.

Her mixtape Bo$$ Bitch’s World II: Batteriez Not Included was released December 2010.

No stranger to struggle, after leaving her family at the age of 15 Lo La began using her wit and street sense to navigate through life and get past her many obstacle.

The struggles endured created the strive, determination and “go getter” attitude that pours out of her today. Monroe's business savvy and unique beauty landed her big break in a national publication as her first introduction.

Although the acting was successful, while pursuing that aspect of her career Lo La wanted to focus on showcasing her true love and talent – music.

Even though it was a surprise to those who only knew her as a model, it was a goal she set out before her modeling career took off.

She has her eyes set on acting where she will be debuting in the new Wendy Williams biography movie playing the mistress set to hit big screens May 2008.

Expect to see more videos, calendars, magazines spreads, and appearances from this slanted eye bodyful beauty come the end of this year and ’08.

Ms Monroe was then nominated for a 2011 BET Best Female Hip Hop award.

In 2011 she was recruited by Wiz Khalifa to join one of the biggest movements in Hip Hop, becoming the female rapper of Taylor Gang.

In 2007 during the focal point of her modeling height Ms Monroe decided to start turning down the requests and high pay that was being offered to her.

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