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According to Mod Sun, while on this acid trip, he decided from then on, he was going to be happy.

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Who is bella thorne dating right now

And now the pics along with the captions are making fans wonder if something is going on between them.

Back at the beginning of the month, Tana posted a tweet in which she explained how much she wanted to date Bella.

Even while Tana might be calling Bella "Mineeee" and the two have clearly shared a kiss, we won't know for sure until they comment on the possible romance themselves.

It's just possible that the two are keeping it casual for now.

On Instagram, Tana posted one of their photos and wrote: "Mineeee." Bella Thorne shortly reposted the photos on Twitter, saying: "Who's shook?

" to which Tana replied: "Me cus I miss you baby."Plenty of fans responded back saying that they were indeed shook.Between 20, Mod Sun worked with Scary Kids Scaring Kids until the band broke up.He later claimed that he took the gig due to the Jim Carrey movie, After Scary Kids Scaring Kids broke up, Mod Sun headed into his brand of rap music, which he calls “hippie hop.” To date, he has released six mixtapes and three studio albums.He trys to be nothing but positive and bring that positivity to others, as well.We’re not exactly sure how they met, but best estimates have Mod Sun and Bella Thorne dating somewhere around early October of 2017.For example, there is a post of a photo with Mod Sun holding his face to Thorne’s stomach that some tabloids have taken as a hint that Thorne is pregnant!

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