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Daphne confesses her feelings for Emmett at the Kennish Car Wash and they share a kiss, but he pulls away and tells her that he's with Bay.

He starts to question her relationship with Bay and breaks up with her after he realizes the communication barriers they have ahead of them.

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While escaping from the cops, Bay hurts her hand and Emmett hurts his side.

Melody notices that both of them have been hurt and questions Emmett about it, expressing her disgust for Bay.

Toby hears about this and confronts Emmett, telling him that Bay is sad because of him and that he shouldn't treat his sister like that.

Later in the episode, he tells Bay that for him, she wasn't hearing or deaf, she was just Bay, and that it would be easier to find a deaf Bay, but he doesn't want that.

He angrily tells her that he likes Bay, causing her to leave the room.

Emmett helps Bay make a decision about whether to meet with her biological father when he comes to her art show.He assures her that they are just friends and even goes as far as almost breaking a picture of Daphne.She believes him until she tries to tell him about her art, but can't because Daphne is calling Emmett repeatedly.She tells him that her dream is to tag a billboard so that everyone can see her art.They hang out at his house and Melody finds out about it.She leaves the room, not without reminding Emmett to take his camera so that he can take more pictures of Daphne.

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