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“I took that scene really seriously,” Coughlan says.

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Even though they’re all so different, they’re just not going to get the hot boy or the hot girl.

It’s just not going to happen.” That’s especially a travesty for Coughlan’s character, Clare, who came out to Erin in the action-packed ending of last series.

“A piece of their fine Protestant ass.” Later in the series there’s a family wedding in the Quinn household, and the girls have an outing to a prom.

Talking to Jackson, Coughlan, Llewellyn and Mc Gee between the Derry and London premieres – O’Donnell and Harland are absent as they both have acting commitments – it’s barely a surprise that they’re in high spirits.

“I’m glad it’s shone a light on it, as it’s not taught in English schools, which I find so wild, because we’re next-door neighbours and we have a shared history.

“But I’ve seen on Twitter that people watch the show and say they fall down Wikipedia rabbit holes finding out about the Troubles.

I wanted it to be funny, but I didn’t want to make a mockery, because people are struggling with their sexuality, so it was such a difficult balance.

“I think people will be happy with how Lisa has progressed her. In most other shows it’s like there’s a gay one, there’s a popular one; they’re one-dimensional, and they skimp on fleshing the characters out, but none of the characters on the show are like that, and Clare is a fully rounded human being.

When we first started it I thought it’s so Irish and it’s so specific, but it’s amazing what people relate to.

It’s mind-blowing for us, but even more so for Lisa, because it’s her baby.

“They try to grow up but don’t succeed,” Lisa Mc Gee says.

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