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A few days later after getting pressure from his brother to date, Christian goes out with Mariam, a fellow waiter at No Limits.They go to a club and Christian sees Oliver with another guy and a fight erupts when the guy makes a pass at Oliver.When Christian finds out about the kiss that Oliver and Coco shared he becomes very angry with Oliver.

Christian decides to give his friendship with Oliver another chance and it works and they become close friends.

Coco isn't happy about that and tells Christian's sister-in-law Sarah Hofmann (Sina-Valeska Jung) about the kiss and her feelings for Oliver.

But Christian begins to have a problem with Oliver when he finds out that he also sleeps with men.

With the tension between Christian and Oliver going on, Coco's friendship with Oliver becomes a problem in her relationship with Christian.

In the meantime, Christian, has been given a contract by Wolle, a boxing contractor who hates gay people and Christian hides his relationship with Oliver.

When Christian wants to come clean to everyone, Oliver stops him and resolves to keep their love a secret as long as it takes to get Christian into the boxing world.After his relationship with Tom ends, Oliver leaves Düsseldorf and begins to work as steward.Five years later, Oliver comes back for the christening of his cousin Sophia von Lahnstein, daughter of his uncle Lars (Herbert Ulrich).He also reunites with Charlie and his other cousin Olivia (Kristina Dörfer).He moves into a flat-share and becomes friends with Coco Faber (Mariangela Seclsi) and her boyfriend Christian Mann (Thore Schölermann).Oliver accuses Christian of being jealous which Christian denies.

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