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The dish is so massive that in order to accommodate it, a metal urn filled with enough ice and soft drinks to sustain a pioneer family on a trek across Death Valley is moved to an adjacent table. Well, we’ll let him explain.) Now he’s found a better way to make up with the world: by making the best music of his life—and forcing all of us to rethink what we believe (Beliebe? The chicken-finger platter that has just been placed before Justin Bieber is like something out of a children’s book—an illustration from a story about a boy who becomes king, whose first and last royal decree is that it’s chicken-finger time.

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He is wearing what could be anywhere from two to 41 black sweatshirts of various lengths, layered, and distressed leather pants that retail for $2,590.

Everyone else by the pool is wearing clothes; he is wearing fashion.

Justin Bieber has an encyclopedic knowledge of his public fuckups.

He could recite his list off the top of his head, because he is asked to revisit its contents every time he is interviewed.

It really had nothing to do with that.”“Everyone, when they start growing up, realizes, ‘Man, I did some dumb shit when I was younger.’ It’s not just me.… A linguist would say he violates backchannel norms.

That is, he withholds those subtle signs—short verbal cues like “mmm-hmm,” “right,” and “yeah”; quick head nods—that indicate an engaged listener and that encourage the speaker to continue.

When he arrived just a few minutes ago, he was escorted by a Def Jam executive for the five-second walk from the elevator to this cabana.

If someone asked you to list the ten worst things you have ever done in public, you would probably have to rack your brain to come up with a list even half that long.

You perform these signs countless times a day; it’s something humans do whether they speak English, Hungarian, or Farsi.

There are a number of reasons why Bieber might have developed this irregular habit.

(bearing flowers for her birthday) and then uploaded a poorly lit cell-phone video to Facebook saying he felt awkward during the interview and expressing remorse for his behavior over “the past year, year and a half.” He was the subject of a Comedy Central Roast organized by his management team, which, unlike the roasts of beloved comedians, filled the air with an acrid smell, as if a witch were being burned at the stake. I’m just here ’cause this is a real good opportunity for me.”) He smoldered on the cover of alongside the statement “I Was Disappointed in Myself.” He bought dinner for cops.

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