Who is kelly slater currently dating

I’ve got to think about the heat I’m in, the wave I’m going for. You’ve got to have a clear head, and you’ve got to have nothing else you’re worrying about in your life.You also have to try to be aware of a lot of things, and to be aware of things on a deep level.There are surf legends and assorted entourages gathered shoulder to shoulder. But there’s also a bunch of very loyal Florida friends from way back, with whom he has travelled for decades.

There are scruffy-haired teens from the posher environs of South Devon on the surf lig with their Alice-banded girlfriends.

There is also, of course, a legion of the surf curious at the beach enjoying the dying embers of the autumn sun, and an equal number of shutterbugs and other media slags from every corner of the action sports media, brandishing their wristbands frantically in an attempt to get access to the top thirty-four practitioners of the sport of the Ancient Kings of Polynesia.

I view it as a pretty dynamic thing that’s happening out there. You’ve got to figure out which of these inputs are helping you and which are hurting you But you’re obviously still motivated to compete, right? Right now, I’m competing and that’s what I’ve chosen to do so I’m one hundred per cent applied, but I’m kind of yearning to get off the Tour after so long. I was like, ‘Whoa, there’s Tom Curren, there’s Martin Potter!

[…] It’s just not exciting for me when I show up at a contest. ’ […] I need to get away from it for a while to keep it exciting.

Seeing the Crown Prince of surfing dressed in chinos and Polo shirt, we could deal with.

But it was the battery of long lenses trained on the eighteenth tee like the guns of Navarone that truly disturbed.So I get to catch up with them for maybe a couple of weeks or a couple of months at the most in a year.I like to play music by myself at home, and I just learn songs that I like or write songs that I hear in my head.At the centre of this hullabaloo is one man’s image.Kelly Slater has been the poster child for the action sports industry these last three decades.We have grown up with him as this whole thing blew.

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