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In fact, the determined young girl even started collecting adoption brochures for her dad! You can’t really do it that way.’” NEWS: Larry Birkhead and Daughter Dannielynn Honor Anna Nicole Smith's Memory at the 2017 Kentucky Derby Birkhead adds that Dannielynn doesn’t ask too many questions about Smith, who died 10 years ago from an accidental overdose, since people are always talking about her.

“We went to a museum in Indianapolis and she started pulling these brochures for these kids that were up for adoption and she said, ‘Just surprise me when you get home. While he has faced some awkward moments, like explaining why her Wikipedia page states that her surname was “Stern” as a baby (Smith’s partner, Howard K.

He opened up about his relationships with a model at Wendy Williams show and a number of other talk shows he was invited to.

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Thus the stranger woman comes into celeb’s house and lives the other life for a while.

Larry traded his sister Angela as it was she, who helps Larry with his daughter.

In any case, Larry Birkhead is a multi-millionaire, but he lives a very simple lifestyle.

He brings up his daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead in a cozy, but not too lavish house.

Stern, was listed as the father on Dannielynn’s birth certificate, before a DNA test proved Birkhead was her dad), she's “more accepting” of missing her mom as she gets older.

However, she continues to crave for a motherly figure.“She is clinging to the female teachers,” Birkhead says.

“You can read many things about your mother in the Internet, but not all of them are true”, he explains to his child.

Larry is satisfied with the income he gets from his business deals, but he has added an additional source of wealth recently.

But Birkhead’s house doesn’t look so beautiful inside.

The single man doesn’t know how to keep his residence in order.

Birkhead is no married, and as he has said, he is not dating anyone.

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