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Sykes went to Twitter and told fans that the voice doctors say his voice is "fully healed" now.

“They ended up meeting for a date and have had a whole series of secret dates at his house where she will sometimes stay overnight.

“They have both been determined for nobody to find out.

He also played in other bands including mock hip-hop band "Womb 2 Da Tomb" with fellow Bring Me the Horizon member Matt Nicholls and brother Tom Sykes, and metal band "Purple Curto" as drummer/vocalist with schoolfriend Neil Whiteley, under the pseudonym "Olisaurus", which he would later use for releasing solo material.

In addition to his vocal contributions and songwriting in the band Bring Me the Horizon, Oliver Sykes is also the founder and owner of the alternative multi-million GBP clothing line Drop Dead Clothing.

Drop Dead Clothing is one of the most popular alternative clothing and accessories lines in the world, catering for both male and female, and ships worldwide..

The concept arose from a shirt design made by Ashton-Bell of a Mesoamerican girl wearing a dinosaur skull on her head, which inspired Sykes to further develop the story.

With a £15,000 goal the project exceeded its target within weeks of launching.

During a tour, Bring Me the Horizon and Architects filmed a video showing a staged fight between Sykes and Architects' lead singer Sam Carter.

According to Sykes, screaming correctly does less strain on a voice than singing at top octaves.

However, less than a month after revealing this, the band has booked some new tour dates.

A source told The Sun Online: "Ollie proposed at the Ludlow hotel in NY on holiday.

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