Who is shane powers dating

His first acting experience came at the Sooner Theatre in Oklahoma.

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Take out The Big Dog before they get there, and the rest of the locker room will be put on notice.

It’s still very unlikely, but there’s not many others who stand out as potential suspects in NXT.

It’s a pretty outlandish guess, but nothing’s impossible in the WWE Universe.

Everyone’s expecting his arch rival Johnny Gargano to win the title this week, so they can reignite their feud when Ciampa returns. What if WWE have bigger ambitions for The Blackheart?

Same goes for Bray Wyatt, it wouldn’t make sense for ‘The Fiend’ to be involved in this.

And while it’s not completely in the realm of impossibility, I find it extremely unlikely to be any of his family members; like The Usos.It would make total sense for Ciampa to target Reigns first.Samoa Joe and Shane Mc Mahon would be the two most obvious choices based on recent history.I can definitely see WWE promoting him because he has the experience, and unless he’s pitted against a credible NXT Champion very soon? Pompously basking in his own glory gives me heel vibes ..and what better way to introduce him to the main roster?So if it is someone potentially moving up from NXT?

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