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Other possible selections from the royal vault included the Strathmore Rose Tiara, a romantic floral crown that the Queen Mother received from her parents on her wedding day; the Lotus Flower Tiara, which was made from a necklace King George VI gave the Queen Mother and is a part of the Duchess of Cambridge's wardrobe; and the Cartier Bandeau Tiara, an Art Deco design that also belonged to the Queen Mother.

Other experts believed she would wear the Spencer Tiara, which Princess Diana wore when she wedded Prince Charles in 1981.

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She gained a tremendous amount of attention for her massive assets.

She looks like she might be able to give the Puerto Rican princess Joseline a run for her money. Tiara has two sons Ace and King and the youngest, King, is close in age to Mimi and Stevie’s daughter Eva Giselle Jordan.

Does Karlie tell Tommie she slept with her boyfriend?

Karlie is a mess and as old as she is, she needs to quit acting like she 22 years old and act her old a$$ age.

Tiara has no idea her boyfriend has a girlfriend, she really believes she’s the only one but she isn’t.

She works two jobs, one of the jobs she is employed with, the top financial institution in Atlanta and she works at night at a bar.

It might be due to her alliances and relationships with people Karen and the family don’t fool with.

But Tiara is making new enemies and one of them is with Scrapp’s current girlfriend Tommie.

It originally was made for the Queen Mother (a.k.a.

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