Who is tom joyner dating russian dating world

Brown tried out at a gong show competition held at Mr. “[I] didn’t get gonged—I didn’t win, but I didn’t get gonged.

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However, I'm not sure if these two are in a relationship, or if this was just an organic moment from a photoshoot.

Whatever it was, it looks like these two are definitely feeling each other. It’s also rumored she’s been dating newly divorced radio pioneer, Tom Joyner (of the Tom Joyner Morning Show).

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“I want to say this because a lot of people think I quit because of money.

I did not quit the Tom Joyner show because of money; the money I was making was very good money. I wanted to have my own weekend radio show,” he said.

He also works week days on “The Sheryl Underwood Show,” which is broadcast to 95 radio markets.

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