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She broke her silence Thursday in a letter posted to social media.“The way things stand now is that the only way I can play in the U. Open this year is if I leave Leo behind in California, which I’m not willing to do,” Azarenka wrote.Amir Aharonov, a partner at Tinero, Aharonov and Associates in Los Angeles who specializes in family law, said a restraint on taking a child across state lines takes effect as soon as custody comes into dispute.“If one of them filed an action, it automatically introduces a restraining order that restrains removal of the child outside of the state,” Aharonov said.It has been a long while since tennis fans have seen Victoria Azarenka on a court, but that is about to change as she makes her return to the WTA Tour this week at Indian Wells.

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Oftentimes, we—myself included—get caught up in the differences between two people in a relationship.

But that doesn't mean those two people aren't right for each other.

A custody battle ensued, with Mc Keague filing paternity papers in Los Angeles, where they both lived, although Azarenka is a citizen of Belarus.

As a result of the papers being filed, neither parent were allowed to take Leo out of California until they reached an agreement.

He is one of the DJs in the band that produced the song "Party Rock Anthem." A sample of the song can be found here.

While you might not know the song by name, chances are you've heard it someplace.

Redfoo has been spotted with Azarenka at numerous events, most recently at both the U. Open last year and at the Australian Open in 2013, cheering his girlfriend on as she captured another Aussie Open crown.

While the two may be from completely opposite sides of the tracks as far as their respective careers are concerned, things seem to be going well for this young couple.

Victoria Azarenka is one of the greatest tennis players on the planet, so it's only fitting that she has an accomplished companion to share her success with.

In what might be the odd couple of the year—and we're only in January—Azarenka is currently dating one of the members of the music group LMFAO.

Now, I'm not here to pass judgement on the type of music Redfoo produces, and I will say that his group has been quite successful with their hit song.

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