Who is wu zun dating

Hey Chinese girls use foreigners for English, why shouldn't Foriegn girls use Chinese guys for Math? Look at Wu Zun, or Zhou Jielun and you'll know that they ARE NOT unmanly. I'm very disconnected from my own culture due to me living in Canada since I was 7, so I don't know the people you just mentioned.

Chinese men in China are usually seen as more traditional and not so easy going so it's harder for them to find a foreign girl here... There's been a number of girls on here who have said they prefer the more feminine look though, so it's not all a lost cause anyway. However, doing a quick google search, I saw a few pictures of them and this is exactly what is wrong with most young popular Chinese actors nowadays.

Correct me if I'm wrong, except for their Chinese fans, they have little or no appeal to women internationally.

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Blacks are viewed a powerful, manly, strong men with large penises. Fortunately, after the 7th or 8th novel, I completely lost interest in them after I realize that pretty much every story has the same kind of protagonists and structures. You should google Chow Yun Fatt, the Chinese equivalent of Sean Connery, I suppose. Going back to topic, I think it's not a matter of Chinese or whatever.

Chinese have always more been viewed as mystical, knowledgable but rather lacking in the bedroom. If the guy is handsome, he will be attractive, regardless of race.

Why do white women (or could I say generally women around the world, except in China?

) discriminate so much against Chinese men when it comes to dating?

The thin wizard who knows how to do magic or the big sword carrying, muscle bound fighter? I always used to play the wizard, but a wizard who can also fight hand to hand very well, so I guess I'm not a total lost case.

I have a friend who used to always play a barbarian and I wonder how he would have turned up if he wasn't gay. If you look at some of the Korean stars Chinese girls love you will seriously question whether it's a boy or a girl...

In China Cute is great, in the West cute is who you want for your best friend that makes you laugh all the time.

I agree with Astroboy though that Chow Yun Fat would probably be better recieved, for a Chinese guy he's a bit more rugged looking, plus he's aging really well. I think the Black mystique has a lot to do with two things, first a lot of people view Blacks as Jungle savages, and girls get hot for hot steamy powerful sex, secondly they've got the penis stereotype working in their favour. (I'll just wait for you to stop laughing.) I started my first as a kind of educational experiment, just to see what women like, but the first novel was so incredibly addictive that I was afraid I might be wired wrong inside.

There is however one Taiwanese actor named Liu De Kai I have lots of respects for. Going back to topic, I think it's not a matter of Chinese or whatever.

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