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Lil Wayne’s son Cameron Carter has a younger half-brother named Neal Carter.The “Mirror” singer, Lil Wayne spent the new year with all the four of his kids including son Cameron Carter.

He later transferred to Marion Abramson Senior High School and at age 14, he dropped out of school to pursue his musical career.

After finding initial success in music, he tried to complete school and joined the University of Phoenix.

He wrote his first rap song at an early age of 8 while he attended Lafayette Elementary School.

He furthered his education at Eleanor Mc Cain Secondary School and was an honors student.

But, what many people don’t know that Lil Wayne has got four children with four different wives.

Whereas Cameron’s mother Lauren London is a model, television personality and an actress.

With floods plaguing much of Louisiana, the timing of the concert was key, and towards the end of his set, Wayne offered two messages to the crowd.

The first was a mantra he repeats at nearly every show, telling his fans that he wouldn't be shit without them.

Unfortunately, his schedule was already too tight for school and he dropped out the same year he began.

Wayne started out in 1991 when he was signed to which has other mega rappers such as rappers Juvenile, B. Though he was the youngest of the team at age 15, Wayne’s impact could be felt in the group.

Lil Wayne‘s son Cameron Carter is his third child and also the first son of Lauren London.

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