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Even so, the taped special is set to air this weekend, and for everyone else who wasn’t lucky enough to nab a ticket to the event, Moore and her fellow roasters’ quips about the Die Hard star will feel brand new.Moore’s surprise appearance reigns as one of the evening’s top moments.

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Her post is accompanied by a throwback photo of a noticeably thinner Tallulah with a rolled cigarette in her mouth and a beer can in her hand.

She said that three years ago she had been a “malnourished string bean with aches that echoed throughout my soul.” She said she didn’t heed “internal cries” to tend her most “blistered and deep wounds.” “I did not value myself, my life or my body and as such I was constantly punishing for not being enough,” she wrote.

Last month on June 17 marked one year of being fully present with ma self, no filters, no chemical relaxation, no short cuts.

I am meetingthe best version of myself every day 🦑💗🦑💗 Here's a song I wrote about it last summer called goodbye 🌚 A post shared by Scout la Rue Willis (@scoutlaruewillis) on Finally, on Friday, the youngest Willis sister revealed that she had overcome both problems with alcohol and an eating disorder.

“You were dead the whole time.” Nikki Glaser Comedian Nikki Glaser, whose performances in the 2016 Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe and Netflix’s The Standups compilation, ruled the night in Moore’s stead.

“Your daughters must be so proud of their father, Ashton Kutcher,” she told Willis at one point. Just obviously not the n-word: Netflix,’” she joked. I want people to see it.” Dennis Rodman Not every moment at the Bruce Willis roast was a roaring success, however.

After all, her ex-husband was in the middle of getting skewered by Gordon-Levitt and a stage rife with celebrities known and otherwise, and joining the fray was no small matter.

Since the Bruce Willis roast was filmed nearly two weeks ago, most of its secrets - including Moore’s appearance - have already been well-documented by the press.

“We actually just got word that a surprise guest has stopped by,” actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt told the audience at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles during his set.

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