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So far, over 65% of members have taken Wild up on this option and posted photos of themselves that have been verified by the team.

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“We have impacted the whole dating industry,” Jasmine said.

“More and more dating apps have copied our gesture verification to verify users and fight against scammers.” Personal safety is a major concern among today’s online daters.

The fact that it’s free attracts many casual daters looking for a little no-strings-attached fun, but it can also attract scammers looking for an easy opportunity to deceive singles online.

However, they won’t find it so easy to slip past Wild’s defenses.

A member of the staff also manually checks new profiles to ensure everyone is behaving according to Wild’s code of conduct.

Wild prides itself on ridding the database of fake profiles and matching real people with sincere intentions.

Though taming the online dating scene is no easy feat, the Wild team has implemented a plan of attack that has already rid the database of hundreds of fake profiles.

“In order to protect our users and provide them a better, clean, and safe dating environment, we have applied AI to scan all profiles,” said Jasmine, a spokesperson for Wild Limited.

Wild shields its members against the liars and criminals of the online world by maintaining a vigorous verification system.

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