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While excavating a medieval cemetery, they happened upon a series of mass graves, on the edges of the burial ground. NARRATOR: As a first step to identifying the killer, archaeologist Don Walker and his team conducted radiocarbon tests to find out how long ago they died.Over 4,000 men, women and children, packed into large pits. The hope was that they could tie their deaths to some historical event, but what they found merely deepened the mystery.But despite having a huge fan base, Richard still carries the emotional scars of being labelled the “fat kid” at school. I didn’t wear denim until I was 19 because denim is hard to take up.

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This manuscript is a history of England, over 750 years old.

It was written in Latin by a monk named Matthew Paris.

They have the power to kill millions and disrupt the fabric of modern life.

JEAN-CHRISTOPHE KOMOROWSKI: Volcanoes can have a global impact.

JEAN-CHRISTOPHE KOMOROWSKI (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris) : So, this is about 13 times more powerful than the Pompeii eruption.

NARRATOR: They're uncovering clues that the worst catastrophes in history could strike again.

“Crushingly shy, going to what was a fairly tough high school. “So I thought the best thing to do would be an actor!

Follow a team of volcano sleuths as they embark on a worldwide hunt for an elusive volcanic mega-eruption that plunged medieval Earth into a deep freeze.

They were first pictured kissing on the beach in Ibiza back in 2017.

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