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This process of liquidating an LLC is called “winding up,” and must be completed before the LLC can be terminated.

File a notice of winding up with the state agency responsible for registering business entities.

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To provide the highest quality product obtainable to our customers on time, every time, to continuously improve our products and processes to reduce our product and operational costs, and to continually exceed our customers expectations.

We are proud that we can provide our employees and their dependents with a comprehensive health insurance program as well as a dental insurance plan.

These stretch bent parts typically require secondary operations such as forming and the piercing of attachment holes on close centers, which required large and expensive special-built tooling units. Sawdon recognized the opportunity for an inexpensive, yet reliable press unit by combining a rotary-vane air cylinder with a toggle linkage in a self-contained and enclosed mechanism.

The Air Powered Toggle Press became BTM’s first patented product.

The material on each side of the joint is compressed and interlocked, while the gradually sloping ends allow harder materials to be joined, making higher strength joints. In the spirit of innovation, BTM has now expanded our cost-saving line of clinching tools to include V-Loc clinch joints are ideal when there is a requirement to geo-set parts.

To efficiently and inexpensively apply these clinching tools, BTM has developed a broad line of production equipment for a variety of customer part designs and various production volume requirements.

BTM has held an ISO certification since January 2004.

Previous to that, BTM held a QS9000-TE certification, which it originally received in 2001.

If you need an engineered solution for the manufacturing of your product or the refinement of your manufacturing process, we welcome you to contact us here at BTM.

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