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The term “Fairtrade cosmetics” covers popular ingredients found in beauty products, like shea butter, cocoa butter, brazil nut oil and argan oil.

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Cotton farmers rely on this crop to provide enough income to live and support their families.

Any fall in cotton prices can have serious implications for a farmer and their family. Buying Fairtrade cotton has a huge trickledown effect for consumers.

It’s no secret that we’re living in an age of conscious – and confused – consuming.

We want to know everything and anything about what we’re wearing, eating and drinking.

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Fairtrade is the first step towards creating equal footing between producers and consumers, providing better lives for thousands of workers. Fairtrade cotton is produced under Fairtrade certified rules.

It ensures that cotton farmers get a guaranteed price for their cotton.

Similarly, Fairtrade tea is sourced from tea estates who abide by the working conditions set out by Fairtrade. Knowledge is power and one of the biggest benefits of Fairtrade coffee and tea is that it helps farmers improve their position in the production chain.

By connecting producers around the world, farmers are more familiar with the market information, ensuring they know the value of their product. While you may relish your daily flat white, imagine how much better it would taste if you also knew that by buying a Fairtrade coffee you’re helping improve the life of a coffee farmer, their family and the wider community. Ethically sourced cosmetics are a new arrival to the Fairtrade scene but they’re just as important.

In the short term, it ensures that cotton farmers are covering production costs and working in safe environments.

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