Xbmc not updating library for tv shows republican online dating

i checked and file creatin date was not any of these years..

xbmc not updating library for tv shows-65

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once i marked them as watched they disappeared from my recently added list in the main GUI and now i see the real recently added episodes there..

for example I have a season I added on 2018-02-18 (when I look at the edit info) and for some reason that is all that's showing up on my recently added episodes... I can try to refresh all metadata and see what happens... so the show added date I had issues with was from few years ago.. however the episodes in that season were dated year 2038 so it was always on the top of the list for newly added episodes until i market it all as watched..

We’ll get right into the details of updating your library in a second, but before that there is a security issue you should know about.

The Kodi software itself is fully legal to use, as are the methods we’re describing below.

it's stuck with episodes i added few weeks back and new content is not showing up..

i tried to reload database from kodi and tried manual sync and no change.. btw, to make it clear, I do see new episodes if i go directly into a specific show, just don't see them in newly added episodes section.. anyone else having this issue or has a way to fix this?In the webclient, navigate to that content so I believe I figured out the issue.. couple months ago I refreshed my database of older files on my drive and some videos got updated with newer ones..those were the episodes that were showing up in "recently added episodes"..lastly I wanted to ask, is there a way so select multiple episodes in web browser of emby and to change the date all at once?Over the last few of weeks I noticed that the section for newly added episodes under TV shows is not being updated in kodi..I used the alarm clock feature that is built into kodi https://kodi.wiki/view/List_of_built-in_function and set up a cyclical 4 hour firing of the Incursion library update function , i also had to use https://kodi.wiki/view/to start this timer at boot time.

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