Xbox experience not updating

And so, what we've set up to do with backwards compatibility is really remove that concern or alleviate that concern that somebody has to leave something behind.It was the number-one most requested feature among Xbox 360 owners who did not upgrade to Xbox One yet.

Making sure that the more social elements are more readily available."Nichols also points out that the Activity Feed--the console's Facebook newsfeed, of sorts--is a feature that users love..they can find it."When people find it today, they love it," Nichols said.

"It gets fantastic engagement but it's just a little too buried.

This new update is trash i cant open this beta app and even the non beta app wont launch. I have the Xbox app open on my Surface Book in tablet mode while I play. It is also slow and needs to constantly be refreshed (hello 2008). The more I use it the more I notice mandatory features (as far as social apps go) missing.

WTF are you doing Microsoft you guys are literally making me want to drop using a Windows 10 Mobile Phone and I haven't even had this phone for a year yet. Using the app with touch isn't great: some touch points in the UI are very small and crammed together, so it's easy to press the wrong thing. This app is a shame xbox doesn't give a **** about pc players. I enjoy being able to go through my recorded clips to delete them or rename them.

The update is so large that Microsoft has been testing it with Preview Program members for months now.

In fact, Microsoft's Mike Nichols tells Game Spot in a new interview that it's not only the largest update to an Xbox console ever released, but possibly the most significant update made to "It's arguably the most significant release we've ever made to a console--and that anybody's ever made to a console," he says.He admits that the Xbox One's dashboard is at times too difficult to navigate; some functionality is too hard to find.That's changing with NXOE, as you should now be able to find things with fewer button presses--in some cases, you'll see a 10X improvement in this area, Nichols claims.With more than 29.4 million systems shipped, the PS4 has been the overall sales leader since launch.But Microsoft is expecting that this update--along with the company's lineup of exclusive games and 13 different console bundles--will lead to a "massive migration" of Xbox 360 players moving forward to the Xbox One and in turn help narrow the gap between it and the PS4."The combination of these two things, the new interface as well as support for Xbox 360 games, launching those along with the best games lineup that we've ever had, it's an exciting one-two punch if you will of great games and enhancements to our platform," Nichols said.Apples-to-apples comparisons to other updates for Xbox and Play Station consoles isn't easy.

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