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Suppose that you are working with a large XML document that you decide to split into multiple files and use external entities to merge those files into a master document.

Some XML technologies are complicated, as is the case with XML Schema or XSLT processors.

When you edit documents that are intended to be public or should work no matter what engine is used, it is best to check them against all engines they will be used with.

XSLT stylesheets, as is the case with many other XML-related technologies (XQuery, Relax NG, etc.), can be invalid by themselves, yet valid in the context of being imported or included in other files.

For instance, you can have an XSLT stylesheet that makes a reference to a named template or variable that is not defined in the current file, but it is defined in the Master File that includes the XSLT stylesheet.

At the bottom of the editing area, a message is displayed that describes the error that is closest to the cursor position.

The location of errors, including those that are generated by continuous validation, are marked in-place with an underline.Oxygen can be configured to continuously report validation errors in an edited document as you modify it.By selecting the Enable automatic validation option, validation errors will automatically be displayed as you type, after a configurable delay.The Oxygen Validation Scenarios allow you to specify multiple validations to be performed and which engine to use for each validation.For example, when editing a schema, there are 6 XML Schema processors that Oxygen supports and others can also be added as external processors.Fortunately, Oxygen provides functions that make error identification fast and easy.

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