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Click the network you want to use and click connect.If the network requires validation, enter the network security key or pass phrase. If you have successfully made the connection, you get a confirmation message. You can also confirm the connection by clicking Start, Network.

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Hello, I am assumeing that you are useing a patch cable to connect to your Router to get on? Also, Please provide the make an model of the unit.

Please, make sure that the driver for the wireless is installed by right clicking my computer going to properts an then go to device manager.

The wiki How Tech Team also followed the article's instructions, and validated that they work.

First, turn on the laptop, choose Start, then Connect to.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

For years I have been using Wndows XP with wireless networks.

Maybe some fairly recent Windows XP update automatically checks the "Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network" box under the Wireless Network Properties?

Many of the Windows XP machines I maintain at the office don't have this check box enable. Last week, I did a clean install of Windows XP on a laptop, and when I took it home, I had the validating identity problem and couldn't connect to my home network. Since 2002 when XP first came out up until probably around the past year or so, I never had to uncheck the "Enable 802.1x authentication".

In the past, I think I have mostly used the older WEP encryption, and nowadays, it seems like most wireless networks are using more recent encryption methods.

Anyway, the problem at my house and other locations I have been to, is that when my Windows XP machine tries to connect to a wireless network, it just sits there saying "Validating Identity".

Chances are that you don't have any issues when you are connecting to wireless using WEP Encryption. I have slipstreamed my XP install cd with Service pack 3, so my installs all usually have svp3 right from the start.

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