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I am so much happier since I found jiu-jitsu and martial arts.

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It wasn't long after that I walked into The Grindhouse and never looked back.

It's just so fun and such a positive outlet for stress relief.

So it's really helped me with that, as well as gotten me and kept me in shape. When I was first starting, I was also struggling with an eating disorder, as well as I just always have been super anxious.

Jiu-jitsu made me realize that I needed to start taking care of my body by fueling it properly, helping me kick the unhealthy eating habits, as well as a way to release a lot of that anxious energy I carry around with me.

I can’t wait for what this next journey has in store for me.

OSS 💙 vibes Learning to adapt to the situation at hand, regardless if it is stressful as well as being able to make decisions under that stress.

My husband, Connor, is amazing at always making sure I'm on my grind and is a huge driving force for me to achieve my goals in and out of the sport.

Because he also is so dedicated to Jiu-jitsu/martial arts I am always inspired to keep up and do my absolute best.

With that, I would love to create a welcoming, all-inclusive environment for people to learn in.

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