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By all means, this is just a guide; there are variations to the Zambian man and your experiences on the ground might as well be the opposite, but typically this is what you must expect. ’ The Western idea of splitting bills is not Zambian.

When a Zambian man invites you for dinner, he will not add the caveat ‘it’s on me’ because, by default, it’s on him. If you meet a Zambian man who stares at the bill, disappears to the bathroom or expects you to pay half (without you offering or insisting) he is either a freeloader or has picked up the habit from the diaspora.

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He doesn’t cook either unless of course, he stays alone.

This birthright cuts across class, religion, ideology and ironically even the most liberal and learned of them all.

It is not that we Zambian women can’t settle the bill, far from it, it is just what it is, men pay bills here. Here, men pay bills in the same way that you don’t open car doors for your men.

Frankly, it can be shocking for us Zambian women who find ourselves on a date with your men to be expected to half pay for dinner, we don’t do that here, but we have now assimilated.

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Look through the profiles below and you may just see your ideal match. We have 1000's of members that just can't wait to meet someone just like you!Even those who wear the Western diaspora badge of honour may adopt a questionable or even convincing accent, acquire the taste for salmon and even enjoy Mozart, but dishes they do not do! Ruling over small kingdoms, some with as few as a single subject and living in palaces as little as one room, but mighty kings nonetheless.As a wife, this is how your palace life might look like – In the morning you will prepare or run a bath for the king, and you will also un-run it.If your idea of a man is one who can cook, run his own bath and clears the table after eating; you have arrived in a wrong country in search of a wrong man.Without exception, a Zambian man does not do dishes!He is incapable of fixing himself any meal even if its just pouring cereal, sugar and milk in a bowl.

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