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After they broke up, Geneva said, “Zayn’s a heartbreaker.

When I found out he was seeing Rebecca, I felt numb.” Lane states that she and Zayn remained friends, but rarely talk because of his busy schedule., but Ferguson stated that “it took a while before we looked at each other in a different light.” The relationship ended after four months in July 2011 with Ferguson claiming that the two “just grew apart.” However, recently Ferguson has alluded to various times that Malik was unfaithful to her when they were dating..

He's very persuasive." On Rebecca, she said, "They are complete opposites.

Like all boy bands and their relationships, not all of Malik’s relationships ended well.

We will have to wait and to see how long Malik’s budding relationship with supermodel, Gigi Hadid, lasts given his tumultuous romantic history.contestant.

The group was formed after all members applied as solo candidates for the seventh series of The X Factor in 2010, but failed to qualify for the "Girls" category.

The judges, after a suggestion by Cowell, put them together in a band, qualifying for the Groups category.

After the judges votes became deadlocked, the public vote showed that Belle Amie had the least amount of votes and were eliminated.

A week later, the group performed at G-A-Y, along with Diana Vickers.

Geneva agreed to join Belle Amie, being a member of the group all the way through their X Factor journey.

Belle Amie consisted of singers Esther Campbell, Sophia Wardman Rebecca Creighton and Geneva Lane.

Due to Simon Cowell’s strict ban against contestants dating, the two denied that there was a relationship.

They revealed themselves as a couple when cameras captured them kissed during the season seven finale of .

Sharing the news that Perrie and Zayn had ended their engagement, Geneva, asked how the Little Mix beauty had not seen it coming sooner. Geneva now felt the wrath of Directioners, as she was forced to defend her opinion.

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